Strengthening Cultural Social Responsibility
 One Community at a Time


AwareComm is dedicated to creating intelligent parallelism between human intelligence (social and personal aspects) and artificial intelligence.

We harness the collective power of Microsoft Technologies with AwareComm’s Technology, Methodology and Sentience Data Science to solve systemic organization challenges, which in turn solves systemic community challenges and drives AQ-rooted social-cultural change.

One example: Microsoft Teams has reached 13+ Million daily active users supporting their collaboration and communication as problem solvers and change agents.

AwareComm’s Mission:
To create partnerships with Businesses and Nonprofits to solve organization and community systemic challenges resulting in strengthening individuals, developing collective unity, stimulate commerce and increasing social impact.

What problem do we solve?

AwareComm® Collaboration Laboratories (Co-Lab™ Institutes) overcome the resistance that emerges in organizations when trying to implement change (e.g. adopting new technology) and evokes acceptance and ownership by all stakeholders. An example benefit: reduce the loss of key employees and their corporate knowledge.

Partnership investment in our solutions for business
overflow into community nonprofits.

The initial community focus is to address the intertwined problems of estranged veterans, homelessness, dependency and at-risk kids to create sustainable restoration: to reinstate dignity, enrich life and develop purposeful careers in commerce/business.

AwareComm® Co-Branded Co-Lab™ Institutes:

AwareComm’s platform plus process evolves existing environments in a way that elevates Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) which controls the ability to adapt and creates readiness for change.

How well does your organization adapt to change? 

  • Resistant?
  • Defiant?
  • Independent?
  • Flexible and Adaptable (AQ)?

How large and strong is the Shadow Culture™ in your organizaiton? What does your Shadow Culture™ look like?

AwareComm’s breakthrough in AI-BI-HI technology is now available to measure, assess, predict and raise the Adaptability Index (AQ) of organizations and/or teams overcoming the Shadow Culture™.


Every Perspective Counts
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AwareComm® was originally established 1987 as a field research company privately funded to explore the possibilities of Computer-assisted Human Development, exploring the reasons why people could not: connect problems with answers and implement answers as solutions for long-term change personally and professionally.

Today, AwareComm® holds a senior position as a Quad Gold Microsoft Research and Development Firm specializing in advanced communication and learning systems with a distribution system that’s driven by 430,000 certified Licensed Agents.  With this resource and its proprietary components, AwareComm truly has the power to make things happen!

Vision and Purpose

Technology has accelerated development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The misapplication of AI has contributed to the profound negative impact of Social Engineering on Human Intelligence.

As a pioneer in technology, AwareComm has launched a global movement to redirect Big Data Development from a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Advanced Methodologies in Human Intelligence (HI).

We invite you to join a movement of
Intelligent Communication By Design 
Private Branded ePublishing Platform
Supporting Global Social Cultural Responsibility

Intelligent Communication By Design:    
   > Establish Strategy   
        > Develop Intelligent Content      
              > Provide Intelligent Support        
                    > Create Intelligent Audience           
                          > Collect Intelligent Data

Intelligent Audience Responses Measured:  
   > Prepare Intelligent Analytics     
        > Make Intelligent Decisions         
              > Achieve Intelligent Results


AwareComm® has devoted the last 30 years to developing, testing and implementing an ePublishing Platform that blends:
Technology, Methodology, Human Understanding and Data Science. 

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Co-Lab Institutes

AwareComm’s platform supports the development and establishment of empowered, collaborative, interdependent cultures and
app-based solutions on a large scale – to support and unite all industry stakeholders through Collaboration Laboratory Institutes

Co-Lab Institutes initiate and optimize collaboration-based ideas amongst all stakeholders and offers the foundation to:
   > Define all elements of the PROBLEM (cause and effect)
   > Define the ANSWER in a way that incorporates the compliment of all the elements of the PROBLEM
   > Define, Develop and Implement the SOLUTION in a way that implements all aspects of the answer using practical application and workflow

Co-Lab Institutes are managed strategic partnerships (for profit or not for profit) that are designed and structured to empower organizations and community cultures with the platform to more effectively communicate, engage and target specific social and economic challenges.
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Purpose-Driven Strategic Partnerships
Humanitarian Shark Tank

We function with a Venture Capital Philosophy (A Humanitarian Shark Tank) looking for business Opportunities both for profit and not for profit. We bring resources and help with the strategic planning and implementation for the goal.

Due Diligence and Intrinsic Value
Humanitarian Shark Tank

Again, AwareComm functions with a Venture Capital Philosophy (A Humanitarian Shark Tank) looking for business Opportunities both for profit and not for profit. We bring resources and help with the strategic planning and implementation for the goal.

Establish your own Private Branded Co-Lab Institute with AwareComm® as a managed client.

Join a Private Branded Co-Lab Institute Joint Venture Partnership, bringing a message of solidarity to the world
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Highlights of Our Field Research Path
The Word on the Street

During the development of the platform, AwareComm® tested and successfully applied ground breaking ideas, apps and methodology.

Components of AwareComm’s platform have been successfully implemented, tested and application proven in major corporations, small business, social agencies, educational institutions, and more.

    > Fortune 500 Companies: Boeing, Toyota, Solar Turbine, Caterpillar, Endevco
    > Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    > Government Funded HUD Study;
          -- social model programs with battered women and institutionalized men,
                  -- drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
    > Schools, Universities, Sports Groups, Churches

Results were measured with: 

    > Student Surveys: Hope and Help for Future
               – To WANT a job
    > Rosenberg Independent Testing: Building of Companies
               – To GET a job
    > Professional Assessments: FAA Reported 91% Success w/ Emotional Sobriety
               – To KEEP a job

Based on the undeniable evidence collected in a wide range of field research environments, AwareComm® packaged this insight (Pocket Wisdom Insights) into a new dimension of collaboration and education using multiple intelligence and relational thinking, as the basis of individual and collective learning and change.

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